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Hammer Lug Unions

A hammer-lug union is assembled from a male and female component which are welded to pipework.  The male and female components are fastened together with a threaded wing nut.  The nut has three lugs which are designed to allow tightening with a hammer.

The design of the union allows for quick assembly and dis-assembly of pipework, which is often necessary for mobile rigs in harsh environments.

RBV Energy supply hammer-lug unions for a range of sizes and applications.

Figure number

Fig. 100, Fig 200, Fig 206, Fig 400, Fig 602, Fig 1002, Fig 1502, Fig 2202

Butt weld end sizes

2"NB-6"NB, other sizes available

Wall thickness

SCH XXS and heavier

Max working pressures

1,000psi - 15,000psi (see pdf brochure for details)


AISI 4130, ASTM A105, ASTM A350 LF2


Sour H2S service, Standard service