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4130 API Flanges

4130 API 6A flanges have a weld neck to connect to pipework, and are designed to bolt to a corresponding sized flanged end.  They are secured with a gasket to ensure a pressure-tight seal. RBV Energy manufacture and supply flanges from top-hat style forgings, which offer a superior quality product with a high yield strength throughout.  4130 Flanges can be provided with a stainless steel or inconel inlay to the ring groove for added protection against corrosion. A wide range of combinations of API size designations, pressure ratings and butt-weld end sizes are available.

API size designations (inches)

1 13⁄16,
2 1⁄16,
2 9⁄16,
3 1⁄16,
4 1⁄16,
5 1⁄8

Butt weld end sizes

2"NB-6"NB, other sizes available

Max working pressures

5,000psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi, 20,000psi

Product specification level (PSL)

PSL 3 as standard

Temperature ratings

L to U as standard (-46°C to 121°C) . Elevated temperature classes X (180°C) and Y (345°C) also available.

Material classes

DD as standard, others available