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4130 ANSI B16.9 Fittings

RBV Energy manufactures and supplies 4130 block type ANSI B16.9 fittings from our own branded forgings using a bespoke closed-die process.

4130 block-type fittings are typically used in choke and kill lines to assist with the drop in pressure. They are available in a number of configurations, including with single or double targeted cushions for additional protection against erosion in bends in accordance with API 53 and API 16C.

The closed-die process offers optimum forging strength while minimising excess weight and waste material, with heat treatment and testing performed and controlled at the forging source.

All forgings are fully in accordance with NACE MR-0175/ISO15156 and are supplied with BS EN 10204 3.2 certification. The entire supply chain is certified to ISO 9001, with the materials being forged in Western Europe.

We also manufacture and supply 4130 long radius elbows, 4130 ANSI B16.9 Tees and 4130 reducers, for use from 5,000psi to 15,000psi working pressures. They are typically used in high pressure piping, where flow and pressure drops are not a concern.

Take a look at our entire collection of 4130 ANSI B16.9 fittings below and enquire about those which suit your needs online today.