Mud Gate Valve

Offering positive isolation for high pressure drilling mud systems and mud standpipe manifolds. Available with metal and rubber seats, and butt-weld, flanged or hubbed end connections.

Butt weld sizes

2" to 5"

API flange / hub sizes

2 1⁄16 3 1⁄16,
4 1⁄16,
5 1⁄8

Pressure ratings

5000psi, 7500psi

Product specification level (PSL)

PSL 1,2,3,4 available

Temperature ratings

P to U as standard (-29°C to 121°C) . Elevated temperature classes X (180°C) and Y (345°C) also available.

Flange inlay

Stainless or inconel inlays to RTJ grooves available