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API Gate Valve

High integrity valves throttling the flow of drilling products at high velocity.   Used in RBV Energy choke and kill manifolds, choke and kill lines, wellheads, christmas trees, production manifolds and well testing.

Available with manual or hydraulic actuation.

API size designations

1 13⁄16,
2 1⁄16,
2 9⁄16,
3 1⁄16,
4 1⁄16,
5 1⁄8

Pressure ratings

5,000psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi, 20,000psi

Product specification level (PSL)

PSL 1,2,3,4 available

Temperature ratings

P to U as standard (-29°C to 121°C) . Elevated temperature classes X (180°C) and Y (345°C) also available.

Flange inlay

Stainless or inconel inlays to RTJ grooves available